About Us

West Lake Beach is a privately owned park on Lake Austin open to the public. We charge an admission of $8 for adults and $5 for children ages 1 through 11(12 years old and up is considered an adult). Our business hours are typically 10am-7pm Saturday and 11am-7pm Sunday and open during the week by special arrangement. We are often closed for private parties so it's best to call ahead to make sure we are open.

We are family oriented with a swimming area roped off from Lake Austin that starts out at the shoreline at about 8 inches deep and goes to a depth of about six feet at the pier. We do not have a life guard so all children must be properly supervised. Water socks are recommended and children under the age of 14 need to have adult supervision.

There are many shaded picnic areas, seven of which are covered with metal awnings and each can accommodate up to about 60 guests. Using "Stanley's Pavilion" our newest addition, we can accommodate up to 300 guests. We also have various other shaded areas for smaller groups. 

Numerous picnic tables and BBQ grills are located around the park, if you wish to bring in your own food & beverage. Catering compaines are also welcome.

Besides the swimming area, we have a volleyball court equipped with net and ball. There is also a volleyball net set up in the water. We also have an area for fishing and a horseshoe pit. You will need to bring your own fishing poles and bait, horseshoes and stakes.

For a party of more than twenty people, we ask that you call ahead and send a deposit to reserve an area. We can either collect individually from your guests or we can have them register, if you plan to cover the cost of the picnic.

Once you tell us all of your guests are here, we will total the bill, deduct the deposit and payment is due. We do not mail invoices. There is a minimum expenditure of $100 (approx. 12 people) to reserve a covered area. Stanley's Pavilion has a $800 minimum (approx. 75 people).

We do not allow pets or any glass items. We do not sell alcohol but it is allowed in either can or keg.  We do have soft drinks available. No amplified sounds are permitted to maintain the peacefulness for all our guests and neighbors.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call to help plan your party (512) 327-9004.
The Depwe Family        

BOAT SLIPS: We have in-water boat slips for rent and trailer storage available. Current fees are: Covered slips: $7200 per year. Coverd slips with lifts: $8400 per year. Trailer Storage: $1,000 per year.

DIRECTIONS: From MoPac - take 15th/Enfield Street (west) until it dead ends, turn left onto Lake Austin Blvd. Turn right onto Red Bud Trail at the stoplight. Turn right onto West Lake Drive by the gas station. Stay on West Lake Drive for 1.9 miles . At that point West Lake Drive will make a turn to the right. Follow along the water to West Lake Beach.

From Loop 360 - take West Lake Drive (east) for 3 miles. At that point West Lake Drive will make a turn to the left. Follow along the water to West Lake Beach.