West Lake Beach Memories

I want take a moment to thank all of the kind and friendly folks that I have
met through the years at Westlake beach. My family and I have been holding
birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and general summertime family get
together at Westlake since 1978. My children aged 32, 30, and 24 all grew
up going to Westlake Beach in the summer. Now my children and 9 nine
grandchildren, when they are in town insist on going to Westlake Beach. We
continue to have that never ending water volleyball tournament, which I
believe the "Old Guys" are ahead 20 games to 12 games for the youngsters.
It wouldn't be a complete story unless I mentioned the fishing in the boat
basin, I believe I have personally baited at least 200 hooks and taken 100
perch off hooks. My son, now 24, would spend the entire day fishing there
convinced he was going to catch "one of those big one he could see." Our
family has marked many special occasions from birthdays to High School
graduations with picnics at Westlake Beach. On those special occasions that
we all go to Westlake it is like visiting an old friend or family member.
Please continue the "Westlake Beach Tradition",

Some of my greatest are of Stanley and his tractor and making that long trek
back to the car after a long day of picnicking and playing. Stanley was
always a hit with my children, he was never too busy to talk to them and let
one of them sit on his tractor for a minute. Once again thanks for all the
memories and wonderful family times we have had and continue to have.

Bob and Ramona Ray
September 8, 2005