Sadie's Remembrances

As told to Mary C. Kahle
March 8, 2006

In the early days, Sadie and the others used to go out to the property and eat watermelon and such, throwing their rinds over onto the adjacent property. Someone once made the comment, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we had to clean that up some day?”, which of course they did. In those early days, they used bulldozers to clean up the area. Also, at that time, there was already a boat basin.

The Caufield house was built after a nightclub on the site burned down. Otherwise, there was nothing else along there except perhaps one more house at the curve in the road. Grandma McRae, who was very history oriented, built a little cabin. Nowadays there are two houses on the property, the little cabin and one built by her relatives that contained some memorabilia.

Grandma McRae was the matriarch. Her husband died when he was in his thirties, so she was a mother and a father to the kids. She often took the four children on picnics at the property.

Dorothy became like a mother to the others also, and the entire family was close. In fact, Dorothy told Dan that he would always be a part of West Lake Beach, and when he died, Sadie’s daughter saw Dorothy put a note in his casket. (She doesn’t know what it said, however.)

The family was always out at West Lake Beach on weekends. Howard would barbecue, someone else would bring a cake, and so on. Sadie and her family went out there every weekend (while Stanley was doing weddings) to take care of arriving customers.

Woodlawn Baptist had a service at West Lake Beach every Father’s Day, during which they’d do baptisms in the river.

The boys had a candy/ice cream/fishing pole/worm operation, which may have been Dorothy’s way of keeping them busy in the summers.

Eva and Howard didn’t go into the partnership.

Dan built boat docks on the street and north sides of West Lake Beach.